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    Oct 18th, 2017                                                     logoPaying                                                       SecureInvestment   logoPaying                                                    Oct 17th, 2017                                                            Hexabot Crypto Trading   logoPaying                                                    Oct 16th, 2017                                                            WT Capital Trading   logoPaying                                                       Crypto Revenue Limited   logoPaying                                                    Oct 13th, 2017                                                            10 DAYS PROFIT LTD   logoPaying                                                   

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To submit a compensation request, click on the "Insurance" red button on the top right side of the website. You will be redirect to our forum and ask to login. If you are not a member of our forum, please make the register.
After logging in, read the Insurance Rules and click on Submit button, you will be ask to fill the form and create a Ticket.

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